How to cope with the coming change

Bacon snacksWith < our freedoms, comforts and prosperity, ours are the most fortunate generations that have ever lived. Ours might also be the most fortunate generations that will ever live, for we could be the last generations to be able to shop for food according to our personal preferences; to have the luxury of a daily shower or bath; to step onto a floor that has been heated; or have the freedom to get into a car or board an aeroplane on little more than a whim. With the massive changes taking place at this time it is axiomatic that ahead lies a period of turbulence and unpredictability. So how can we prepare to build resilience in the face of possible future shocks like climate change, peak oil and economic contraction? There is much that we can do and first-off my advice is to begin fostering a mindset of restraint and frugality; learning and teaching your children to rethink, reduce, recycle, reuse. Become a generalist – by this I mean expanding your skills base so that you can be as self-sufficient as possible. DSC_0091Grow your own food whether this is on a rooftop, in a window box, in a recycled tyre or in a community garden. Harvest and store rain from your roof. If possible generate your own energy supply and generally take care of your needs. Teach others to do the same by sharing your skills.

Insulate your home as best you can, green your home’s outer envelope, and begin weaning yourself off unsustainable energy and other luxuries. Be as well informed as possible about local, national and international events. And above all live with confidence in your innate ability to meet any and all challenges, knowing that the best antidote to anxiety is action.

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  1. Mmm, thank you Carole. You’re voicing, putting so elegantly into words, mere shadows of ideas I’ve been having along these lines. Some of my unformed realisations have been foreshadowed over 30 years ago by books like ‘Survival into the 21st Century’ by Victor Kulvinskas and books from that time about self-sufficiency, and various approaches to organic gardening and recycling back then. We’re now firmly in the era of your recommendations having become necessity rather than choice. Living in every way as you suggest here is far from what I do, but is what I have begun to do and is exactly what I want to do.

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