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“If we do not create the future we want, we will have to endure the future we get.” Carole < Knight: Advocate for Sustainable Development lonet tree.img_8675In order to help create a more sustainable future I have spent more than two decades immersed in social, economic and environmental issues, with my work having spanned a wide range of exciting projects from the development of a television documentary series to an exploration into slow fashion.

The result of this deep, decades-long immersion in sustainable development is a clear understanding that while the really momentous issues like climate change will require a concerted global effort on international platforms at the highest political levels, many sustainability solutions lie in small adjustments to the big picture, which can be extrapolated around the world for a multiplying effect.

In a bid to help create a more sustainable global future, I am passionately committed to finding different ways of doing things. This is a goal that I anticipate will consume my life for the rest of my life, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!!

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