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“If we do not create the future we want, we will have to endure the future we get.” Carole Knight: Futurist, Author, Speaker, Environmental Activist and Advocate for Sustainable Development

lonet tree.img_8675This is the central precept by which I live and work, and in order to help create a more sustainable global future I have spent more than two decades researching and writing about environmental issues and sustainable development, my work having spanned a wide range of exciting and different projects.

This diverse body of work has included research for a four-part television documentary series about water issues relating to four of the most important rivers in the SADC region, one of the most water-scarce regions in the world, as well as the writing of a book, numerous tabloid supplements, more than 50 newspaper broadsheets, and many international and national magazine features.

DSCN2894By creating all the different media for a 500 square metre South African Pavilion for Expo Zaragoza, an international water exhibition at which 106 countries exhibited with 140 pavilions, I have participated in the “Biggest Water Festival on Earth”.

I have attended as many international, regional and national conferences as possible, including a UN Water Conference; a DIVERSITAS Open Science Conference at which 650 natural and social scientists debated biodiversity as a pathway of human development; a UNEP Financial Initiative Global Round Table at which 450 of the world’s top economists discussed an evolving global economy in terms of sustainable development; an African Marine Debris Summit; a Green Energy Conference; and a Water Indaba, to name but a few.

DSC_0620I have gone into the field on many occasions and have interviewed eminent scientists from different disciplines on various continents. While from a more personal perspective, my husband and I have owner-built our own home along sustainable lines – our house is situated under the 300 million year old Kogelberg Mountain, which overlooks the Atlantic Ocean in a UNESCO-registered biosphere reserve.

The result of this deep immersion in sustainable development and adaptive leadership is a clear understanding that while the really momentous issues like climate change will require a concerted global effort on international platforms at the highest political levels, many sustainability solutions lie in small, localised adjustments to the big picture, which can be extrapolated around the world for a multiplying effect. Fortunately many of these solutions lie close to my home in the Western Cape of South Africa.

In a bid to help create a more sustainable global future, I am passionately committed to communicating different ways of doing things by providing templates of change as solutions for 21st Century challenges, utilising a wide range of online and offline media as communication platforms. This is a goal that I anticipate will consume my life for the rest of my life, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!!


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