What you will gain from reading my book

I have had numerous requests to publish my book “Miracles < of Hope: Surviving and Thriving in the 21st Century" as an e-book, and so have decided to serialize it. Here is some information about the book that you may find interesting:

The Author – Carole Knight:

DSC_8813I am a futurist, investigative photojournalist and environmental activist with over 20 years experience of publishing across a wide range of international and national media platforms. I live in the Western Cape of South Africa, in a house that my husband and I owner-built ourselves. Our house, which is located in a UNESCO-registered Biosphere Reserve, was built along sustainable lines, and living as close to nature as we do, my husband and I try hard to “walk our talk” by disturbing as little of the surrounding fynbos and wildlife as possible.

What you will gain by reading the book:

cover_frontSigmund Freud stated that “Human character is now Earth’s destiny”, for never before in the history of this planet, have there been as many people jostling for breathing space, sleeping space, living space and working space. Our sheer numbers, and the actions we collectively take in the time ahead, will determine our odds for the future.

This book provides a realistic, yet balanced, perspective of the momentous times we live in. As such it covers important global issues, answering many of the most pressing questions of our time while offering verifiable hope for the future. The book has many fascinating anecdotes and it synthesizes scientific investigation with down-to-earth investigative journalism. It will give you:
* A sense of optimism and hope.
* A model for values-led living and working.
* A holistic overview of major global issues as they are currently playing out.
* A deep understanding of the interconnectedness between humankind and the natural world.
* A confidence in your ability to motivate positive change, thereby actively influencing the future.

Some interesting facts about the book:

backThe book took more than six years to research and write. It covers an enormous field of information, and is in essence a “one stop human wake-up call”. However it is also ultimately a book of hope. In terms of accreditation the book has a Foreword by the late and highly-esteemed Environmental Statesman, Dr Ian Player. For more information as well as Comments from readers, you can go to the book’s page on my website.

Who the book is aimed at:

This book is aimed at everyone who is concerned about the world of the present and future, and their own and their family’s place within this tumultuous and ever-changing world. However it will especially interest someone who has an interest in conservation, global green issues, societal developments, eco-business and environmental best practice.