How I have benefited from the “Power of Agency”

Life is the most amazing journey and for me one of its most outstanding features is the “Power of Agency”, which is a confirmation that nothing is impossible and everything possible; the “Power of Agency” being a force that enables a way of doing something to be found once you have committed yourself to a particular path.

For me it is an opening up of possibilities to a new goal, life stage or way of being, and throughout my life it has been a powerful force that, once I have set my sights on a particular outcome, has opened the way, powering momentum and sometimes taking me far beyond what I could have first envisaged.

Building my house in Betty's Bay

Building my house in Betty’s Bay

I have seen its capacity at work with projects that have been exceedingly important to me; projects such as the writing and publishing of my book and the owner-building of my sustainable house, as once I have decided, “This is it. I’m going for this come hell or high water,” I not only find a way to do it, but the results often far exceed my expectations or even my hopes.

It seems that with the “Power of Agency” factors for your advancement coalesce, often in ways that you couldn’t have imagined. This makes for a fascinating ride as you never know what is around the corner or who, fortuitously, will be put in your path to help a project along.