Global Ocean Commission Quote

DSC_2727Quote from Trevor Manuel – Co–chair of the Global Ocean Commission, and Minister in the South African Presidency responsible for planning:

‘If society is to develop sustainably, it’s vital that we manage the ocean wisely, on two different timescales. In the short term, we need put the extractive industries using the ocean on a sustainable footing, whether that’s mining, fishing or anything else. If we get that right, we’ll feed and resource people better and help societies develop sustainably. In the longer term, the ocean is an integral part of the biosphere, which is our life support system. You can’t risk that. So what we’re doing in the Global Ocean Commission is to look at these issues, talk to experts and practitioners in all the relevant fields, and then distil their expertise into a number of key reforms that we have to implement as a global society of seven billion people if we are to continue benefiting from everything the ocean provides.’