Challenges and pleasures of working with no-nonsense scientists

Antarctic ScientistIt’s been a while since I posted my last blog, the reason being that I have been involved in some seriously intense work with the research and writing of my new book. My greatest challenge so far has been working with no-nonsense scientists who have demanded (and hopefully been given) my best efforts. Actually it’s been a revelation that such eminent people have so willingly and generously given of their time and knowledge to assist me, which just goes to show that when you want something done, ask a busy person.

For a chapter about Antarctica for example, I have been able to call on the support of scientists on three different continents: one from the British Antarctic Survey at Cambridge in the UK, another from Monash University in Australia, and a third from Pretoria University in South Africa. The knowledge of these men is nothing short of encyclopedic and they have caused me to dig very deep as their kudos mean the world to me.

DSC_0020They are also happily very amenable people, which has made working with them a huge pleasure, and in a spirit of quid pro quo I have invited them to my home for a traditional South African meal – Antarctic scientific expeditions leave for Antarctica from Cape Town, and as I live a heart-stoppingly scenic 150 kilometers from the Mother City, they say they will be only too happy to take me up on my offer. When they do I will be sure to cook up a storm and open my best bottle/s of wine…